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Beauty For Ashes -
Lets Advocate For Beauty

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With the right combination of empathy, humor, and real-time insight into human life struggles, I know how to draw Hope from the utmost conditions of hopelessness. Let your audience find real-life solutions to their problems via motivational speaking sessions about restoring mental health and finding an activated purpose for life.
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Beauty for Ashes, a biblical reference, is a widespread concept, yet it centers on the idea of finding goodness in the bad. It focuses on having faith in a better tomorrow despite your yesterday. My writings also circle the same theme. All the books here focus on empowering the human soul, finding light for those who've gone dark so they can heal for good.
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Beauty for Ashes aims to spread mental health awareness across the globe. To contribute to creating a mentally stable world, we provide the most professional mental advocacy services for everyone. Irrespective of your race or religion, we provide mental assistance for all those in need.
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Life Coach

Life Coach

A wellness professional allow BFA to help you make the progress in your life in order to attain a greater fulfilment. BFA can aid you in improving all things helping you to become the best version of yourself. Let’s come together to create strategies to see you thrive.
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Let’s Advocate For Beauty And Empower Each Other

Seeking a new beginning? Learning ways to cope with anxiety or depression? Suffering at the hands of suicidal ideation?

It’s easy to feel isolated in the struggle. Beauty for Ashes is here to change all that and more! It offers you the resources that can improve your mental strength.

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You Are Not Alone

My Story

Just like you, I am a human who’s seen the most difficult struggles in life. As they say, the best are those who find the goodness in the bad. Following the same school of thought, I decided to become my story’s hero rather than its victim. My stories revolve around how a person can find the silver lining.

Soon after getting closure to my suffering, I realized how significant it is to speak of my struggles. To let the suffering people know that their ashes could sure be exchanged for beauty.
To carry forward the purpose, I have started speaking and writing about my struggles and how I managed to cope with them. Beauty for Ashes is a platform that circles around providing people with mental strength and helping them find beauty in their ashes.

How To Stay Strong In Hard Times Like I Did

Pray & Repent

  • Don’t let yourself forget the existence of God
  • Keep praying for the peace
  • Don’t be afraid to forgive or be forgiving

Heal Yourself

  • Surround yourself with what brings you peace
  • Motivate yourself and find sources within that inspire you to want to heel
  • Keep looking for even the slightest of beauty in the ashes – Find the positive within the negative

Stay Alive

  • Remain resilient – Don’t let your heart die
  • Smile
  • Know that tomorrow holds a new beginning period – Embrace the opportunity

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