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Life can be challenging, and sometimes, you might feel disconnected from everything that is happening around you. During such times you need a Christian life coach who can offer hope and can help you find freedom through Biblical principles. Falin Daniels is the coach who found her silver lining in her life when she got close to God. And so today she is here to help you by offering Bible-based life coaching.
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How Can You Benefit From Falin Daniels Biblical Life Coaching?

Falin Daniels did not choose this path on her own, but instead, circumstances made her a Biblical Life Coach. But she loves her job! Her life was not a bed of roses, but she remained resilient, and today, she is stronger than steel. She knows it is easy to feel isolated during struggles, so she can be your Christian life coach and help you find the ray of light you need to live your life in a better way.


Falin Daniels


Falin Daniels powerful words and insightful lessons have helped countless people from all walks of life turn their ashes into beauty. Now is your chance!


You Are Not Alone

"How Biblical Spiritual Coaching Can Help You Achieve Lasting Peace In life?"

Do you know that your God loves you the most? Yes, He does, and He will never abandon us. He inflicts our lives with sadness so we can understand the real essence of happiness. If you are not connected to your Lord during the tough times, you are fighting your worst battle. Thus, it is essential that you opt for Faith-based life coaching in order to live a peaceful life. So, what is the wait?
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There is always a new beginning!

The beauty of ashes is a platform started by a powerful woman who suffered from life's adversities on a daily basis. She is here to help you! Let's find out more about coaching for women.

Falin Daniels

Christian Life Coach

Like us, Falin Daniels is a person who has seen the most difficult challenges in life. There was a time in her life when she was convinced that nothing would bring her happiness. But her life took a 360- degree turn as she started reading the Bible. Thus, she understands how important it is for people to connect with their Lord if they want to live a peaceful life. She is playing a major role in the Christian coach network by helping people understand the message of God.

Biblical Counseling For Mental Wellbeing

Free Your Mind and Your Body Will Follow

If you have trouble coping during difficult times, you are not alone! It’s time to break the shackles and exchange your ashes for the beauty of life. This life is a blessing of God, and you cannot give up on it. No matter how big or small your struggles are, Falin Daniels can help you make peace with those and be a true Believer! Collaborating with a Christian coach brings you back to your spiritual tribe, and your life becomes much easier and peaceful. So, what is the wait? Hire a coach today!

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Clarify your purpose, be a more effective leader, reach your health goals, and ignite passion in your relationships with Falins Daniels life coaching.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Biblical life coaching is a professional form of coaching that focuses on empowering people by creating awareness of Biblical teachings. Moreover, the purpose of this coaching is to help people step into a better Christian life and continue to achieve their goals by having firm faith in the teachings of Jesus. In this way, one lives a peaceful life knowing that God is there for him always and the challenges are a part of life.

The coach aims to help you deal with life’s challenges and make you understand that this life is a gift from your Lord. Thus, your coach makes you understand that it is essential to have firm faith in the teachings of your Lord and hold onto his rope firmly. Through his spiritual conversations, you can discover your deeply held beliefs and try to make peace with the challenges of your life.

Yes, it is worth it because we deal with challenges. Most of the time, we cannot cope with them and lose the pace of our life. During such times it is essential that you hold your ground and recall your Lord or stay connected to him in order to manage things peacefully. If life has knocked you down, you should book an appointment with your life coach so you can live a peaceful life.

You should get in touch with Falin Daniels because she is just like us! Life was not fair to her, and she lost all hope. But, she started reading the Bible and tried to understand the message of God. She thought it was essential that she help those fighting the battles of life. In this way, people would regain the strength to live their lives. So, she should be your first choice if you want to hire a Biblical life coach.

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