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How to Be a Confident Woman? 15 Tried And Tested Ways!

Confidence is one of the most attractive characteristics of a woman’s personality. Women, who are confident, are much likely to enjoy successful and fulfilling lives. They feel more energized and perform more proactively with a spark to achieve more than ever before. They have a better impact on people when they communicate with them. With the right amount of confidence, there’s nothing that a woman can’t get done! Isn’t that amazing? While confidence seems to be a driver of a happy and successful life, many women in our society struggle to achieve it. There are several reasons behind it. For starters, women are often taught from very early on in their lives that they must seek validation from others at all times. This mindset alone is very dangerous as such girls grow up to become women who live their lives not for themselves, but for others and their approval. From the way they carry themselves, the careers they choose, the relationships they invest in—every little thing about their entire existence ends up being about what someone else thinks. In short, their lives become someone else’s asset. Another equally damaging mindset that prevails in the society is women being made to constantly compete with other women. They are taught through the media that there’s always an unrealistic idea of beauty that some woman out there already has and you must spend your entire life seeking the same beauty standard as well. And god forbid, if you don’t meet that beauty standard, you will always be treated as nothing less than a social outcast. Women having such ideas and beliefs are never happy with their bodies, their habits, their life. For them, there always exists someone who is more beautiful, more intelligent and more accomplished than them. So, they spend their lives in misery. It’s really not their fault. After all, the collective society that you and I belong to, is to blame for promoting such harmful ways of thinking. However, if it’s something that exists in the society, it means that it is our responsibility as dutiful, enlightened members of the same society to bring a change in such harmful schools of thought. If we join hands, we can bring about a revolution where confident women are at the forefront and remain at the forefront forever. We don’t have to do much. If even one of us picks up the right set of positive confidence-inducing habits, the same person can bring a ripple of change in the society by showing other girls and women in their circle to live with their head held high too. So without further ado, let’s get into the 15 habits that women everywhere can adopt to lead a more confident life.

How to Be a Confident Woman:

A confident woman has the following qualities: you are stronger than you think

1. She Carves Out a Path of Her Own

Let’s start with clearing out one important fact. There’s nothing wrong with assuming a more traditional role. Women who choose to become housewives, prioritize their families and homes over careers are also excellent women in their unique ways. The problem arises when women are told that being a wife and a mother are the only two paths they can ever be on. A confident woman whether she’s in the kitchen or in a boardroom knows that wherever she is, she is there by her choice and her choice alone. Her success is self-defined. She doesn’t give anyone else the power to define it for her.

2. She Isn’t Afraid of Saying No

A confident woman is not a people pleaser. She isn’t going to say yes just because you are in her good books. Her consent will only be provided when she truly wants to give it. Otherwise a no means a no. This applies to all sorts of context. Confident women are not afraid of defining their boundaries. They also have no problems defending these boundaries. It can be hard to convince them to do something else once they’ve already made up their mind. They are determined.

3. She Interacts Positively

A confident woman understands the importance of communication and why she should treat everyone with respect. She knows how to listen to other people and their perspectives even if they are different to what she believes in. She is tolerant. She believes in giving people the space to speak up, and then she respects whatever they say. A confident woman doesn’t treat anyone poorly just because she’s having a bad day. Her anger is never misplaced. She will speak up when she has to, and she’s equally aware of how important it is to keep quiet in certain situations.

4. She Knows How to Carry Herself

A strong confident woman understands that while beauty may be skin deep, appearances are equally important and cannot be overlooked. It should be made clear that confident women don’t spend their entire lives obsessing over their looks. But they know how to carry themselves in a way that makes it look like they mean business. From the way they do their hair, to the clothes and shoes they wear, their self-grooming habits etc. are all taken care of. If you want others to take you seriously, it helps to look like you’re someone who knows what they are doing and isn’t here to waste time.

5. She is Ambitious

Confidence and ambition go hand in hand. Women who are confident don’t waste their lives without having any sense of direction. They have things figured out for the most part. Of course, life happens to the best of us and sometimes things don’t really go as planned. But the mark of a truly confident and strong woman is that she knows how to adjust the sails and can keep up with the ever-changing winds. Such women don’t spend their lives depending on someone else for things. They work towards becoming financially independent so that they can look after themselves without expecting anyone else to come through for them.

6. She is Self-Aware

Self-awareness can be an incredibly important skill to have. What this essentially helps you with is having a better understanding of your preferences, your skillset, and your strengths and weaknesses. Once you have such important information, you can plan out your life and handle things so much more graciously. For instance, a woman who knows what skills she possesses is likely to choose a career path that complements those skills. Self-awareness also improves your relationships to a great extent. Conflicts can be avoided, they can be resolved so much quicker too. A woman who knows that if need be, she can argue for hours on end, but since her time is important to her, she chooses the higher road and lets haters deal with themselves.

7. She Understands Good Body Language

How do you feel talking to someone who doesn’t look you in the eye? Not too good, right? You feel a little uncomfortable to say the least. One of the major signs of a confident person is that they have no problem making and maintaining eye contact. It can feel very personal, but at the same time it also is a clear signal that you’re interested in the interaction that’s taking place, that you’re involved. Eye contact is just one good sign of body language. There are several others. For example, sitting with your back straight, shoulders relaxed is another positive body language sign. If you’re looking to introduce some good body language in your daily life, you can practice walking with your head held high, while taking long graceful steps. Avoid dragging your feet, hunching your back and dropping your shoulders.

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8. She is Happy for Other People and Their Success

A confident woman knows that success is a direct product of how much effort you put into something. So when she sees her peers succeeding in their respective areas of life, she celebrates with them. She’s happy for them. Strong women are not intimidated by other people’s success. They work hard for their achievement and are always happy to see other people growing along with them. Sometimes success can take a long time. You might be required to work twice as hard and you might have to take a longer path. However, confident women trust God’s timing and His plans and are absolutely certain of this fact that there may be delay in their results, but the delay never happens without a reason. Even delays and slowed progress can be just ways through which God is protecting them from some unforeseen harm. With success or without, confident women are happy for others.

9. She Chooses to Surround Herself with Positivity

Have you ever wondered why there are more negative people than positive ones? This is because it’s incredibly easy to think of negativity. You don’t even have to work for it. You open one social media platform, read through one online magazine, or browse through any other form of media, you’ll notice how there are always more news items related to violence and destruction. On the other side, positivity is more of a deliberate choice. You really have to choose to think and act positively. Confident women will mostly always choose positivity over negativity. Moreover, they also tend to gravitate more towards positive people than negative ones. They realize that staying around people who get a kick out of bringing other people down and spreading toxicity can be detrimental to them too. Attitudes are contagious.

10. She Chooses Herself

Confident girls and confident women everywhere know the supreme importance of choosing themselves. Sometimes it happens that they land themselves in great relationships or excellent careers. But somewhere along the road, if they realize that investing in those relationships or careers is not aligning with their values anymore, they are not afraid to cut ties. They will always choose themselves regardless of what the world thinks about them. They are not scared of giving up on something they initially really wanted but it no longer aligns with their essence. Anything can be recovered with the right amount of effort. But if you lose yourself, you’d have a difficult time recovering this loss. So a confident woman knows that she has got to choose herself and bet only on herself from the very beginning.

11. She Isn’t Afraid to Step Out of Her Comfort Zone

Good things happen to those who take risks, who step out of the familiar. Another great habit of confident women is that they aren’t afraid to try new things and take risks. They are not permanently glued to their comfort zone. They operate with a growth mindset. And they know that change is a huge component of this growth mindset. So they are not scared of taking chances in order to gain new learning experiences. It’s what makes them interesting and, by default, helps them develop more confidence in their problem-solving capabilities and decision-making skills.

12. She Never Doubts Herself

Doubts and worries that all of us battle with from time to time. But a confident woman knows that doubts are just fleeting. She has faith in herself, in her ability to decide between what’s right and wrong. Confident women are extremely clear about their priorities.

13. She is Never Full of Herself

There’s a difference between being confident and overconfident. While confident women are welcomed everywhere and have countless doors open for them, overconfident, cocky women are never well received. Nobody likes to be around people who act like they are better than everyone and know more than everyone. Confident women are grounded. They operate from a place of humility.

14. She Isn’t Afraid of Falling and Failing

If you’re setting out to learn something new, there’s always a possibility of not succeeding right away or meeting blocks in your way that may make the path forward difficult for you. However, women who are confident don’t let the fear of failure or making mistakes stop them from pursuing their goals or exploring new domains.

15. She is Her Biggest Cheerleader

Confident women don’t depend on others to motivate them. They know how to pick themselves up when the chips are down. They go easy on themselves when they feel the need to, and can go hard on themselves if that’s the need of the day. At the end of the day, she doesn’t expect anyone to motivate her or discipline her. She does it herself.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! These are the 15 habits that can help you stand out as a confident woman. These traits are great and women everywhere should aim for them. For the most part you need to train yourself to depend on yourself more than anyone else. However, sometimes it can be difficult to aim for these if you’re working alone. You may need help. And who would be a better person to help you out with this than a confidence life coach? Falin Daniels is an excellent confidence coach who can help you build your confidence. What makes her approach so effective is that she gives you the time you need to open up and explain your reservations. This way the end solutions that are concluded are also so much more effective because they are derived keeping your personal life story in mind. They make sense to you. Another really interesting thing about Falin Daniel’s coaching and mentorship is that she’s someone who has seen difficult situations in her life herself. She has firsthand experience of how it’s like to pick yourself up and work on yourself. With time, Falin Daniels learned that there’s no one else that she can really truly depend on other than herself and God. She relies on the Bible for guidance to provide her with direction, hope and the promise of better times to come. And now she’s ready to share her love and light with those who may need it. If you’re looking for someone trustworthy to work with to build your self-esteem and confidence, get in touch with her today and start your journey of becoming a better, improved version of yourself!

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