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How To Stop Sleep Procrastination?

As adult human beings, we all set our own bedtime routine because we understand our responsibilities. However, some of us have this guilty habit of procrastinating that hinders our sleeping schedule. As a result, we get late for work and wake up exhausted!

Bedtime procrastination is a phenomenon experienced by several people. It can further be described as when a person decides to sacrifice their sleep for leisure time. Whether one enjoys it or not, we all have experienced it once in a lifetime.

Thus, when you are too consumed in leisure activities, you might feel that you hate going to sleep. But, as alarming as it sounds, it can take a serious toll on your health.

Moreover, you might feel tempted to finish another episode of your favorite series or continue scrolling your feed. But, it sure is not tempting at all as it affects the physical and mental health of the person. Thus, some people cannot stop themselves from procrastinating because of some disturbances in their lives.

If you are looking for excellent tips on how to stop sleep procrastination. Then, dive in!

What is Sleep Procrastination?

In simpler words, sleep procrastination is the state of being awake instead of sleeping as per schedule. For example, one might stay awake because of overthinking or getting too preoccupied with other activities like watching Netflix or listening to music. We simply mean passive activities such as scrolling social media posts or binge-watching some series by entertainment.

But some people procrastinate due to some serious reasons. Thus, people who have tiring jobs or go through life’s challenges are more likely to suffer from sleep procrastination. They do not feel energetic and do not enjoy their lives.

If this becomes a habit, their life is affected badly because lack of sleep can cause several serious problems. Thus, if you feel that you cannot stop procrastinating, you should seek help to enjoy your life and amend your sleeping pattern.

What is Revenge Bedtime Procrastination?

The term bedtime procrastination emerged in the year 2014. But, the concept of revenge bedtime procrastination was used in China. The purpose was to describe how people who worked for longer hours refuse to sleep early. Thus, those people wanted to regain their sense of freedom during the late hours because they continued to work during the daytime.

Simply put, people who feel that they do not have any control of their lives during the daytime try to stay awake during the nighttime. Thus, this results in causing more disturbances in their life. Your desire to stay awake is an act of revenge because you have not enjoyed working during the daytime.

As a result, such people remain tired, agitated, sad, and unable to enjoy their lives. Lack of sleep also leads to several severe mental health issues. Thus, sleep is important if you want to restore yourself.

What Causes Sleep Procrastination?

The people who procrastinate generally want to receive enough sleep so they can work well the next day. But, they fail to do so due to failure in self-control.

The other reason why people sleep procrastinate is that they want to enjoy their “me time” as they had a rough or busy day at work. Others might not have a bedtime ritual, or they end up overthinking about their life right before bedtime. Their brain does not let them sleep, and they cannot escape the cycle of thoughts. Thus, people indulge in several activities to avoid this, and their sleep cycle is affected.

The Consequences of Sleep Procrastination

There are several consequences of sleep procrastination, but the major cause is that it causes sleep deprivation. As a result, your mind and body cannot function properly no matter how much you try.

Sleep deprivation also enhances the risk of daytime sleepiness which gives rise to several other issues. Thus, if your habit persists, it can make you anxious and depressed as well.

Moreover, if you do not eliminate it, your memory gets impaired, and you face trouble during decision-making tasks. As a result, you age early, your skin becomes dull, and you suffer from several other health problems.

Your life is a gift from God! Therefore you should cherish it instead of inflicting suffering upon it.

Ecclesiastes 3:12-13: “So I concluded there is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can. And people should eat and drink and enjoy the fruits of their labor, for these are gifts from God.”

How to Identify Bedtime Procrastination?

Wondering whether you are a bedtime procrastinator or not? Read the statements below.

  • You go to bed later than intended.
  • When it is time to sleep, you keep doing other things.
  • You do not go to bed on time
  • You continue with your activities and later realize it is midnight.
  • You cannot stop the cycle of thoughts
  • You go to bed on time but do not sleep on time
  • You get distracted by your surroundings
  • You like to imagine the things
  • You like watching your favorite series when it is time to sleep
  • You keep thinking about your entire day when it is time to sleep

14 Excellent Tips on How to Stop Sleep Procrastinating

If you are wondering about how to stop sleep procrastination. Then, read the tips given below:

1. Finish Your Work Early

To avoid procrastinating, try to finish your work as early as possible before going to bed. However, don’t delay your work at any cost so you can sleep peacefully. For example, if you have to do your household chores or take a shower, you should do it at your earliest convenience.

No matter how boring the tasks are, you need to complete your work on time. Thus, make a habit of finishing your work as soon as you arrive home after work.

2. Develop a Routine

Having a consistent bedtime routine is essential if you want to sleep peacefully. Moreover, this signals your brain that it is time to sleep, so your mind will not enjoy other activities at this point.

According to researchers, you are more likely to sleep early and wake up less during the nighttime. Thus, you will notice a difference in your life if you follow this advice religiously. For example, your memory improves, your mood becomes better, and your behavior improves.

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3. Minimize Exposure to Light

Make sure you turn off all the lights if you want to sleep well. Thus, light exposure, especially blue light, can hinder your sleep and make you more likely to stay awake.

Another important point is to avoid using mobile phones when it is your sleeping time. In addition, you should reduce the brightness of your cellphone to avoid facing the blue light that the cell phones emit.

The blue light prevents the production of melatonin which is an essential hormone that is responsible for controlling your sleep cycle. So, if you are exposed to blue light for a longer period, your mental health can be affected.

4. Avoid Overeating

If you eat too much before you sleep, this can cause many health issues. Hypertension and high sugar levels are two of the major health issues that a person can suffer from.

Moreover, if you eat at night, this can disturb your sleep cycle, and you might feel irritated or develop mood swings. Thus, you cannot sleep peacefully at all and wake up bloated.

Keep your dinner light or drink chamomile tea so you get a sound sleep. Otherwise, you will become prone to heartburn and acidity issues, and you are more likely to procrastinate.

5. Improve Your Sleep Environment

If you want to sleep peacefully, ensure that your bed is comfortable and clean. Use a comfortable and cozy blanket to feel relaxed while you lay down.

Also, eliminate the distractions from your room that can keep you awake during the nighttime. Moreover, close the lights and manage your room temperature as well.

Today, with the help of the latest technology, you can use a dedicated application to block social media access during the nighttime. Thus, you will notice you are happier than before.

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6. Change Your Sleeping Schedule

It is important for you to analyze your sleeping pattern and ask yourself questions about your routine. However, don’t disrupt your sleeping schedule at any cost because it can lead to procrastination.

If you feel that you can’t sleep on time at some point in your life, make sure you wake up early. In this way, you will go to bed on time because you will feel tired easily.

Also, make sure to avoid napping during the daytime or evening so your sleeping pattern will not be disturbed at all.

7. Exercise

It is important that you exercise daily, so you stay fit. Thus, when you exercise, your body releases endorphins that help you stay awake during the daytime. However, be careful that you do not exercise at night.

If you exercise in a moderate amount, you can sleep well at night and eliminate the habit of procrastinating. Be mindful that it does not happen overnight, but it will help you. Moreover, with exercise, your physical health improves as well.

8. Observe Your Stressors

Pay attention to what triggers you instead of avoiding it. Then, as an individual, you should address the causes. Thus, at the end of the day, you are the only person responsible for making your life better.

If you feel that you overthink during the night or are stressed about something. Then, make sure that you try to handle the situations. For example, if you worry about your boss’s words, you should be confident enough to talk to him about the tasks.

In the same way, if you feel that talking to a friend helps you cope with the stress. Then, it is our advice that you should do it.

9. Limit Your Fluids

If you drink caffeine or alcohol in abundance, you should not consume it in abundance. So, you can have it during the daytime because caffeine increases your metabolism.

Similar is the case with alcohol; hence avoid drinking it in excess because it can sabotage your sleeping pattern. You may feel that a glass of wine can help you relax, but it can mess up your organs in the longer run.

But pay attention to your body and how it reacts. For example, consider changing your drinking habits by limiting consumption. Thus, it can be dangerous for your heart, and you might procrastinate because your heart feels restless.

10. Read Bible

Your heart becomes restless when you do not remember your Lord. Hence, it is important for you that you don’t deviate from the teachings of God.

Suppose you cannot read the Bible during the daytime if you have work. So instead, make it a habit to read the Bible when you are about to sleep instead of using your phone. It will not take much time and will connect your heart to God.

Psalm 119:55: I remember your name in the night, O Lord, and keep your law.

This verse also tells us to remember our Lord at night because the world is generally less chaotic during nighttime. Let it be just a few pages. But do read it nonetheless.

11. Change Your Mindset

You must change your mindset and divert it from engaging in leisure activities right before bedtime. Develop self-efficacy to reduce your procrastination habit and help yourself sleep well. You need to develop several strategies that can help you stop procrastinating. This way, you will learn what works best for you and what doesn’t.

12. Practice Breathing

Another thing you can consider doing is to follow certain breathing activities. They can help you relax and eliminate your procrastination habit. Thus, please take a deep breath and gently exhale it through your nose.

Thus, repeat this exercise three to four times and carry on until you sleep better. This is a famous exercise that has helped people deal with their desire to procrastinate. Of course, you can check another breathing exercise, too, if you want to.

So, next time you find yourself overthinking, then practice breathing.

13. Keep Your Dinner Light

Make sure that you do not overeat. Also, you should avoid eating junk or oily food at night because it can lead to digestion-related problems. Moreover, do not eat carbs at night because they take time to digest. Sleeping with undigested food can lead to severe acidity, nausea, blackouts, etc.

We are not advising you to skip your dinner but instead asking you to keep it light and healthy. Other than that, eat your dinner early rather than eating it at the last hour.

Your food will be digested, and you will sleep peacefully.

14. Seek Help

If you feel that you cannot stop yourself from sleep procrastination, you should immediately seek help. Talk to your friend or peer about this issue without any hesitation.

Don’t worry! Seeking help for this problem is important because your health depends on the amount of sleep you are getting. If it is not enough, your life can be drastically affected.

You can even contact the coach of Beauty for Ashes if you cannot find any peer or friend to speak to. Thus, she can be your coach and friend and guide you along the way. She can help you find the ray of light you need to make your life beautiful.

So, do not hesitate to contact her if you want to live a peaceful and healthy life. Make your mental health a priority, and you will see how beautiful your life becomes.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you understand the tips related to how to stop sleep procrastination and can make the necessary changes in your lifestyle. Thus, it would help to eliminate your procrastination habit with the techniques mentioned above.

The habit of sleep procrastination can lead to several physical and mental health issues. Moreover, one cannot focus on their daily chores properly, and at the end of the day, they do not find their life enjoyable.

Thus, if you still need help with the issue of sleep procrastination, you can contact the coach of Beauty for Ashes. With her words of wisdom and help, you can regain control of your life.

So, do not hesitate at all!

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