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You Are Stronger Than You Think – An Inspirational Message From Joel Osteen

The whole weight of the universe bears down on us. We know that we can’t take much more. It’s also conceivable that we’ve seen our aspirations from afar and feel they’re beyond our reach. The difficulties seem insurmountable.

You’re Stronger Than You Think by Joel Osteen argues that despite this, we all have untapped resources that enable us to overcome obstacles and even flourish in the face of them.

We all go through periods of weakness, and the author discusses how to deal with them. Life’s trials and tribulations might cause us to feel crushed and devastated at the same time. However, the authors suggest that we don’t have to be stuck in that position.

Everyone experiences the same problems, but strong individuals have merely acquired certain easy-to-understand methods.
The book is written conversationally with a mentor-like authority yet with a kind and approachable demeanor. Its empathetic and optimistic message inspires me to scrutinize myself and realize how stronger I am, and it’s real while also motivating.

In this book, I rapidly appreciate their down-to-earth perspective and hard-hitting facts. In addition to parts loaded with actionable strategies for change, these tools serve to prevent the book from being simply filler material. It is written from a Christian viewpoint, but that should not deter non-Christians from reading it.

If you’re dealing with adversity in your personal or professional life, You’re Stronger Than You Think can help you bounce back. Even if some of the arguments are a little overblown, this book provides hope to those who fear they won’t be able to cope with the stresses of life.

To stop the cycle of failure, bravery to establish a new standard for your family, hope to overcome your fear, and self-belief to achieve all of your goals.

My strength, skill, perseverance, and stamina uncovered in ways I had never dreamed of. After that, it was impossible to stop me because I am more powerful than I think!
you are stronger than you think

Joel Osteen advises you to be steadfast in the face of adversity. Pressure builds, you feel overwhelmed, the effort seems insurmountable, or the goal seems out of reach, but remember that it is not your fate. We underestimate our own abilities. Self-awareness is the key to unlocking your own potential.
You were designed to outlast the challenge, go farther than you believed possible, and live a life beyond your own boundaries.

8 Ways You Are Stronger Than You Think

1. Can Evolve Over Time

Many other species have died out while humans have endured. We’ve made it this far because we’re flexible on the inside and out.

We’re able to survive in almost every environment on the planet. We’ve developed groundbreaking discoveries that have improved the lives of millions of people, eliminated sickness, and fed the world’s population every day.
Humans are one of a kind. No other species on Earth is as adaptable as humans are.

When things become tough, reassure yourself of this universal human quality. Consider a difficult period in your past.
How did you tap into your inherent resourcefulness to overcome the obstacle? You could have been required to pick up a new skill or alter your daily schedule. This is because you are more capable than you realize; you adapted and conquered.

2. Comfortable in imperfection

Humans have long craved a sense of community. In order to attain it, many individuals believe that they must put their best selves forward, avoid errors, and always know what to say. Stress might result from constantly second-guessing one’s appearance, actions, and words under this kind of strain. According to recent findings, the time and energy used may not be worthwhile.

Elliott Aronson, a social psychologist, conducted a series of famous experiments on what came to be known as the “pratfall effect,” in which he found that persons who performed well in trivia tasks but also made tiny mistakes—like pouring coffee on themselves—were deemed more liked by others.

This study reveals that not only is it ok to be naïve, but it may really help us. Other individuals don’t find perfection charming. Understanding others’ imperfections makes us feel more connected to them and allows us to relate to them better.
You shouldn’t waste your time worrying about what you believe would make you more likable. Even when we despise something about ourselves, others find it appealing.

There are instances when the things that we find attractive about ourselves aren’t always the things that others find attractive.
Drop the armor, be yourself, and let others discover what they appreciate most about you rather than behaving in a manner that you believe boosts your attraction.

3. Resilience Is Your Strength

Cult victims are among those who have overcome apparently impossible challenges. This inner power allowed them to lead amazing lives.

They were aware that our most challenging experiences mold our personalities. It’s not what occurs when everything goes your way that makes life worth living. To have an enjoyable life, one must emerge from the embers of the person they were before.

You don’t have to come from a troubled or traumatic background to realize that life may sometimes bring you to your knees.
Change your viewpoint if you’re stuck in a rut of negative thinking. Take a moment to reflect on all of the blessings you’ve received. Reframe your failures in a positive light by taking the time to learn from them. And last but not least, never give up.

4. Optimism

Having the ability to tap into the idea that things can become better no matter the obstacles may truly transform the world.
The current status of our world may not elicit the term “hopeful” from most people, yet we all recognize that hope can thrive even in the face of tragedy and hardship.

Many individuals would make you feel that it’s hopeless, that you have no power, that there’s no need to act, that you can’t win. No one has to give up their power of hope since it is a gift they don’t have to give up.

It’s not a fantasy to have optimism in the face of adversity. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t reject the reality of pain and suffering.
Survivors of trauma who went on to achieve good things for the world experience a common thread of “grounded hope.” While they all had an optimistic outlook, they were firmly anchored in their current circumstances.

What really matters is that we can construct our own reality via hope. It’s a picture in your head of something that hasn’t really happened yet.

When individuals have optimism, their aspirations are more apt to become a reality. That’s because individuals are more inclined to take action if they believe they can achieve their goals.

“Hope is not a plan” is a common saying. Believing in a better future motivates us to take action; therefore, don’t believe it. Research indicated that the most positive persons have three elements in common: objectives, paths, and agency.

Many of their approaches were obstructed, so they explored a variety of options, recognizing that not all would succeed. However, they persevered since they had a strong conviction in their own strengths and perseverance.
stronger than you think

5. You Are In Control Of Your Life

Beliefs have the power to build and power to destroy. Any event in one’s life may be given a meaning that strengthens or disempowers one’s life by human beings. Give up the idea that life is a sequence of random circumstances you have no control over. Take charge of your actions. Recognize that your life is the consequence of your own decisions, not those of your employer, parents, or partner.

Because of this, you can act and alter the whole world in your own hands. What are you going to do to take charge of your circumstances? Get to work on your strategy and work out on a regular basis. Become aware of your thoughts and feelings.
Reestablish ties with those you care about. To help you achieve your objectives, take up a new skill, or simply for its sake.

Regardless of what you decide to do, take immediate action. Make the most of the opportunity and build an uplifting life rather than one that’s filled with negativity. You’ll discover that you’re more powerful than you ever imagined when you gain self-confidence.

6. Take Action To Conquer Your Aversions

Fear is a normal and healthy emotion. The fact that our forebears were terrified of lions is why we’re here today. Many of us opt to deny our anxiety.

We can’t stand it because it exposes our shortcomings. It robs us of our confidence. There’s nothing we can do about it except quiver and sweat. Because we lack the resources to deal with unpleasant emotions, we tend to avoid them. Face your anxieties, though, when you are confident in your own strength.

Fear may elicit one of three responses in humans: fight, flight, or freeze. On the other hand, the term “faith,” isn’t something we learned in school.

Moreover, it’s more powerful than fear. Faith, rather than self-doubt, motivates those with mental fortitude. There is a purpose they are here for, which is much larger than any difficulties they may encounter. They are confident in their abilities and are prepared to face anything. No obstacle can stop them from achieving their goals.

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7. You Are Awareness Of Life’s Journey

Life is not a destination but a journey. Everything has a time and a place. Things like this will pass. Everything we hear and read points to the same conclusion: life is greater than we can comprehend.

There will be setbacks, but they are brief. Both pleasure and misery are transient. They are always engaged in a war of attrition. This duality helps us to appreciate what we have. To do this, you must let go of your expectations. The world transforms quickly when you trade your expectations for appreciation.

Despite its enormity, the cosmos is still a wide expanse. There isn’t much time left. Instead of dwelling on the bad, what if you choose to focus on the positive?

Whether or whether you believe it, you are more powerful than you think. It’s your decision whether or not to accept change, no matter what the consequences, and allow it to propel you toward an incredible existence.

8. Repetitive Actions

Sticking to a regular routine might be seen as stodgy and stale. However, according to a recent study, having a daily routine might help us avoid overthinking and enhance our mental health.

Many individuals focus on their perceived failures rather than their actual accomplishments, deeming themselves unproductive, uninspired, and unachieved.

Motivation may be a tremendous driving force, yet it can also be transient and unpredictable at the same time.
Observe how long your last spurt of motivation lasted. The reality is that establishing daily routines is more effective in assisting us in reaching our objectives. If a cardiac surgeon told you, “I can operate well—when I feel inspired,” would you believe him?
If you were betting on this doctor’s motivation on the day of your surgery, you’d be crazy. It’s preferable to have your operation performed by someone who follows a set of protocols to guarantee a positive outcome, regardless of how they feel throughout the procedure.

Researchers have shown that routines may help athletes perform better by avoiding overthinking, leading to increased stress and pressure, which can lead to poor performance.
In addition, studies on rituals have shown that they reduce tension and anxiety by giving us a feeling of control over our activities. You’ll likely find daily solid routines in the most successful individuals in your life, regardless of how you measure success.

Best “You Are Stronger Than You Think” Quotes

  • “Unleash the power to go bigger, go bold, and go beyond what limits you”

This stronger than you know quote reminds me that every human being has the power to go big, push the limits, and go beyond the boundary. This way, one realizes the true potential and turns our victorious

  • “Whatever you face, remind yourself that you can handle it. You have been designed for it.”

This quotation serves as a reminder that diamonds are produced under tremendous pressure. When you reflect on your life, you’ll notice that your fondest memories and most significant moments of development occurred at times when it would have been simpler to opt-out.

I am stronger than I thought – My Personal Story

2 years back, I worked under a supervisor who was never accessible during times of distress. I was always perplexed since he was such a kind person.

However, in the world of sales, particularly in the field of the office environment, the competition was fierce, and only the strongest survived. Being kind was valued, but it was not a priority.

During one of my sales activities, I discovered a massive demand that became the company’s largest accomplishment that year. Due to the client’s status as a government entity, the procedure was laborious and protracted.

Finally, when they would decide who would be given the order, the committee meeting came around. Naturally, I was apprehensive, even though I had done all possible. My rivals and I assembled in the lounge, awaiting our turn for the deal-breaking question and answer session.

As usual, my supervisor, who was supposed to accompany me to the meeting, was “unavailable.” I was aware that my coworkers felt sorry for me. I knew I had my job cut out for me. However, as the adage goes, the hard effort pays dividends.
As a result, we waited. I was by myself. The remainder were present in groups. Surprisingly, I didn’t really feel threatened. My mind, I suppose, had accepted the circumstance and was prepared to confront it.

The door was unlocked. Our contact walked away. We regarded him with anticipation. He said that the committee would contact us by the end of next week. This was agonizing since it was a Wednesday, and we knew we would go insane if we waited until Monday.

Nonetheless, we were compelled to accept what he claimed. As we filed out, he shouted out to me and requested that I wait. My soul smiled at that moment. I returned and seated, earning a few scowls from the departing men.

After about a half-hour, the guy reappeared and requested that I follow him to his room. I took a seat in the chair next to him and watched as he read over some documents in the file he’d brought. He then raised his eyes and grinned at me. “I congratulate you,” he said. And as I turned the file around to see what he was looking at, I discovered that they had not only agreed to seal the deal with my organization but also had upped the amount.

Once I recognized that you are stronger than you know, I could have a new conversation with myself. I knew I was capable of surviving bad days and that my potential not just to stay but also to go ahead was a strength I could use to help some of my grandiose ambitions come true. Not only could I utilize this power to survive, but I could now channel it in areas that would allow me to flourish.

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