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How to Be Good Enough? 9 Steps to Follow to Feel and Know That You are Good Enough

We live in a highly competitive world that encourages us to look outside to understand our self-worth. Consequently, we try to compare ourselves with others and seek validation. If you feel that you are not good enough, don’t worry because everyone feels this way at some point in their lives. Yes, you are not alone, and you need to remember that we are all in this together. It all comes down to how you combat the feeling. Unfortunately, eight in ten people feel that they are not good enough, and they cannot help but continue to struggle. Amidst all our thoughts, we forget that we are all God’s children, and he loves us more than anyone can ever. So, how do we feel that we are not good enough? We might be different from others, but we are not worthless at all.

Falin Daniels, the coach of the Beauty for Ashes, is here for you to feel better about yourself. At one point in her life, she also lost hope and understands how difficult it can be to continue to live our lives. So, the coach is here to support you during your trying times. If you are battling against feelings of worthlessness, then dive in! We have compiled some essential steps to follow to feel and know that you are good enough in this blog.

Why Do You Feel Like You Are Not Good Enough For Yourself?

Have you ever wondered, “how do I know if I am good enough? or how to feel good enough? There are several reasons people may feel that they have a low sense of self-worth or are not good enough. For example, they might not put themselves forward for the promotion because they feel they deserve it. Faith Daniels, the coach of the Beauty for Ashes, herself endured so much hurt, and there was a point in her life when she thought she was not good enough. Thus, she was on the verge of giving up, but she faced her struggles. She believed in the promise of God, and her life started to change. Today she is here to help those who are struggling, and she aims to make them feel better about themselves. So they can cherish the beauty of life. No matter what happens, people start to sabotage themselves in friendships and relationships as they think they don’t deserve it. During such times, people forget the good things they have achieved in their lives. People feel that there is something they need to do before being proud of themselves. In addition to that, restlessness does not allow them to feel good about themselves. So amidst such trying times, make sure you look beyond the dark clouds of your lives. God has blessed us with the beautiful gift of life, and we shouldn’t feel worthless at all. Every person is unique, and we all should be proud of ourselves no matter what happens. So read the nine steps to follow to feel and know that you are good enough.

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9 Steps to Follow and Know That You Are Good Enough

Next time you feel that you are not good, there are nine steps to follow and know that you are good enough.

1. Don’t Compare Yourself

The major problem with ourselves is that we try to copy others and lose our originality. So you need to fight with yourself and understand that humans are different. When we try to copy others, we lose the quality of self-love. This is the real reason we feel that we are not good enough. But moreover, this doesn’t end; we continue to compare ourselves, and we end up feeling worse about ourselves. For example, most students are not satisfied with themselves because they start comparing their lives with others. Moreover, they try to fit into popular groups to feel good. So, don’t compare yourself; instead, celebrate the good things you do. When you stop comparing, you will feel that your life becomes much happier. Also, you will feel better about yourself.

2. Recall Your Achievement

This is not as hard as it sounds! Let’s face it, you will never be good enough for someone, but you will be the best for your loved ones. Thus, when you feel not good enough, try to recall your achievements. They can be trivial, but they are important because they are your achievements. It is not important to look for the bigger achievements but celebration matters. Thus, your positive achievements can uplift you and make you feel better about yourself. Moreover, when you feel that you are not good enough or cannot achieve something. Then make sure you stop yourself and recall your past you will feel more than happy. That’s our promise.

3. Speak to a Friend

Never feel that you are not loved. God loves you more than anyone can ever do. However, if you feel that you cannot stop your pattern of thoughts, you should talk to your friend. Sometimes it is important to channel out your thoughts to feel light. There are times our friends know about our positive traits, and we don’t. Also, they know how incredible we are. Hearing good things about yourself can help you feel better, so always try to find at least one friend. If you feel that you cannot find a friend at the moment, then you can approach your family members. Whatever your friend says, try to listen to them and recall their words.

4. Do an Act of Kindness

If you are feeling down about yourself, then help someone in need. Helping other people improve your mood and make you feel that you are the best. This doesn’t mean that you always have to go out of your way to do something grand. You can also do a trivial act of kindness so you can feel better. For example, you can sit and talk to your grandmother or make tea for her. Or you can even compliment someone. The genuine smile that they will give can complete your day. Therefore, do an act of kindness, and you will start to feel better about yourself. When you practice kindness, you start to experience positive mental changes in your life. So, start today!

5. Face Your Fears

Do not run away from your fears; instead, be brave and face your fears. Also, if you are not sure about your fears, then brainstorm what makes you feel insecure or what is the thing that you run from. We are not saying it will be easy, but it will make you braver than ever. There is no stopping once you are ready to face your fears and accept who you are. If you feel that it is hard, then contact the coach of the Beauty for Ashes. She can help you in every step of your life. Thus, with her help, you will start to feel that you are more than enough.

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6. Read Bible

Are you not feeling good enough? There are times when you cannot find a friend or the wise words of your friends cannot help you. You should read the Bible. Our Lord has promised us that he will never abandon us during such times. Moreover, we are so busy in our lives that we often forget how important it is to remember our Lord. He is our creator; he cannot create something worthless, and everything has a meaning. John 16:33: “In the world, you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” Every verse of the Bible can soothe our souls and help us understand that God loves us even if you have lost all hope. Open the Bible and read it to gather courage because you are worthy.

7. Forgive Yourself

Do you know that the feeling of not being good enough and blaming yourself for the failures will lead you nowhere? Don’t keep thinking about your mistakes because everyone makes mistakes, and humans are prone to mistakes. Also, our Lord forgives us for our mistakes, so why are we hard on ourselves? It would help if you learned from your mistakes but didn’t blame yourself for them. This habit will make your life miserable, and you will be stuck in the never-ending cycle of sorrow and pain. Instead, forgive yourself for the mistakes because you are God’s creation. Moreover, you cannot control everything in your life, so just go with the flow. Decide for yourself and learn from your mistakes. As a result, you will feel positive about yourself.

8. Be Positive

When you start to think negatively, you get stuck in a never-ending cycle of negativity. Our life depends upon our thinking. If you think you can achieve something, you will achieve it. But, unfortunately, we have the habit of overthinking, and in the end, we conclude that we are not good enough. Thus, focus on what is important instead of overthinking. Don’t regret it because there are better things that you can focus on. We bet your life will become much better. Leave the mistakes of the past behind and be compassionate with yourself. You need to love yourself if you want to live a positive life. Otherwise, there are chances that you can go into depression.

9. Seek Therapy

Yes! There is nothing wrong with going for therapy sessions. Suppose you feel that even after trying hard, you cannot escape the cycle of thoughts. Then, you should seek therapy. Your mental health is important more than anything, and you should take it seriously. Therapy sessions are designed to make people feel better about themselves. Today, the importance of therapy sessions cannot be denied because the therapist’s support is unmatchable. There are several benefits of therapy sessions, and after the sessions, you can feel better about yourself. Falin Daniels is here for you. You can contact her anytime you want to if you need to talk to someone. But, trust us, you will feel better.

Final Thoughts

We hope you understand the steps to follow to feel and know that you are good enough. So, next time if you find yourself wondering, “why do I feel like I am not good enough?” Then remember, we are all God’s children, and we have worth. So, how can we feel that we are not good and start comparing ourselves to others? Don’t focus on “what is the feeling of not being good enough called? Instead, focus on the positive aspects of life. The feeling of not being good enough is normal, and everyone feels this way at some point in our lives. So, don’t worry! But it would help if you fought this feeling and did not compare yourself to others because your life is different. God loves you more than anyone can else, so never feel depressed. Moreover, it is alright if you make mistakes in your life; your mistakes don’t define your worth. So, always feel positive about yourself if you want to live a peaceful life.

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