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Signs that God Is Calling You To Ministry

8 Signs God is Calling You To Ministry

Are you contemplating serving in the ministry? Without a doubt, it is the most satisfying yet demanding profession. However, if you think you are the one making the choice of serving in the Christian ministry, you’re wrong. There are many life lessons in the bible among which one of the most prominent is to have faith that the Jesus is the one who chooses who should be the one to serve in the ministry. it says that Jesus is the head of the Church (Colossians 1:18). It further says that he is the one who chooses who should serve in the ministry full-time (Ephesians 4:10-11). Entering the ministry is not based on financial or personal gains. It is also not based on a whim to do good. It is important to find your calling to serve in the ministry; otherwise, you will not consider it a gift and have the grace to do right by it. Serving in the ministry without your calling can lead to frustration, and it will be just another unsatisfying job. Someone who’s experienced the signs God is calling you to ministry and are working in another job will be miserable. Likewise, someone who is serving in the ministry but it is not their calling will also be miserable. There are signs of pastoral calling that let a person know it’s time to work in the ministry. However, the question is, how do you know God is calling you to ministry? Let’s try to find out.

How Do You Know What God’s Calling You To Do?

All humans are created different, and God deals with everyone individually. Everyone has a different experience of being called to the ministry. However, there are patterns in the life of the people that are called to a ministry that can help us identify the signs God is calling you to ministry. How one person receives, their calling can be different from how another person receives it. However, the experience can be similar. Eventually, a person knows they have received a revelation to serve in the ministry, and they should follow it. God doesn’t leave his people alone, especially those who are lost or suffering. If something is nagging you at the back of your mind or you’re feeling inadequate, know that God is watching over you, and He wants you to succeed. Anyone who is a believer is called. However, still few people understand the signs of pastoral calling. Everyone within the body of Christ is important, equal, and worthy. However, some people receive their true calling to lead people. They take responsibility for the welfare of the people they are leading. Sometimes you may be paid or not, work full-time or part-time, or even serve on a volunteer basis. Regardless of how you work, once you understand God has called you to serve, you lead from the front. You preach, counsel, and give oversight to fulfill a greater vision and do God’s work. Here are some ways to determine what God is calling you to do: Your Experiences: Our experiences shape us for life ahead. Sometimes, the right time for things has not yet arrived, but you will certainly know when it does. Things that are done at the wrong time can often have disastrous consequences. Your experiences in life have shaped you into the person you are today, and if you’ve been feeling you can help others with it, it’s time to listen to the signs of calling. Your Personality: You are unique in your personality. How you conduct yourself is different from others. Your personality determines how you should lead in the ministry. Some aspects of personality that can help you identify if you’re the right fit to serve in the ministry include having empathy, the ability to listen and communicate and conflict resolution. If all of these come to you naturally, you know you can lead in the ministry. Your Passion: If serving the community is your passion, perhaps it’s time to consider listening to the signs God is calling you to ministry. If you want to lead the church and have a hunger inside you to serve the people around you, then perhaps it’s time. If you’ve been desiring to work as a Pastor for a while now but putting it off, you should listen to the signs and act upon them.

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What Does it Mean When God Calls You Into Ministry?

God loves all His people equally, and He doesn’t leave anyone alone. Even when you feel alone, you’re not. When God calls you to serve in the ministry, he selects you for the greater good. He wants you to lead His people from the front and become a beacon of light for those suffering. Your experiences are unique to you and what you have is different from any other person. Working in the ministry is working for a great cause and serving a greater good. When your job has a passion and purpose behind it, you are more willing to go all in. You should also know that God has called you because He has other plans for you to serve His people. He sees potential in you to work for the greater good that will allow you to fulfill your purpose in life. God is selecting you to help His people, further your own progress, and serve a greater cause.

How Do You Know if God is Showing You Signs?

If you’re still confused in experiencing signs of evangelistic calling, you must try to see if your life has a pattern that other people serving in the ministry have. Here are eight signs God is calling you to ministry and that you should notice if you want to serve for the greater cause: Signs God is Calling You To Ministry

1. Having a Desire for God and To Serve His People

Your desire to serve God must be more than the average Christian. If you believe you have that hunger to serve for the greater good and spend your life helping humanity, then it’s a sign that you must take seriously. You’ll know you’re being called to serve in the ministry when you are willing to make sacrifices in God’s path and serve his people. Making sacrifices for others’ sake won’t feel like a burden to you, and you’ll be happy to do it. While others are living their best lives and having fun, you’ll be pursuing God and won’t feel left out.

2. Having a Supernatural Calling

Different people get called to serve in the ministry and in the path of God in different ways. Some people receive their calling through a dream or prophetic words of wisdom. A critical thought may hit you as you read the Bible. It might happen that as you’re reading, a passage hits you differently and makes you feel something. That’s a sign that you shouldn’t ignore. Supernatural callings are subtle, and it’s you alone that will be able to identify them. You won’t feel at peace until you respond to it. Accepting it will make everything fall in place, and you’ll find contentment as you fulfill it.

3. Receiving Spiritual Gifts

Some people are gifted naturally. When you’re called to ministry, you’ll realize that divine gifts will manifest in your life naturally and effortlessly. You may not notice it, but other people will notice how you are flowing in grace. There could be many examples of the manifestation of spiritual gifts. For instance, it may come naturally to you to preach the scripture, or you may have a natural ability to perceive things as they are. It’s different things for different people.

4. The Revelation of the First Step

If you are being shown the signs that God is calling you to ministry, then you’ll start walking on his path without realizing it. God himself will start revealing the steps to you that you have to take, and before you know it, you’ll be on your way to serve the ministry. It could begin with volunteering, meeting a Pastor, or you may begin going to the church regularly and develop the desire to start serving in His way.

5. Persistently Having Thoughts to Serve

You know you’re being called to serve in the ministry when you have persistent thoughts, and they do not leave you alone. You may quiet your mind, but the thoughts in your mind will start disrupting you from the inside out every once in a while. When God wants someone to serve in their way and help humanity, He is persistent and plants thoughts in a person’s mind that He is eventually compelled to comply.

6. Destined for the Ministry

When you’re destined for something, and it is your true calling, you eventually get to know it and understand it. If you’ve been seeing the signs know that you were meant to serve the ministry before you were born. You will realize that you have the characteristics and personality to serve in the ministry and when the signs show up, you’ll be ready to take up the challenge. If you are meant to serve as a Pastor or any other position within the ministry, you will naturally have compassion and empathy for the people around you. You will find that you’re skilled at encouraging others for the love of God and following His path.

7. Finding Peace Despite the Trials

Following God’s plan and serving in His way does not come without challenges. However, when you find yourself enjoying the process and don’t mind the burden, you know that you’re on the right track. Despite the challenges associated with serving in the ministry, you will find peace in what you are doing. You will have no second thoughts in choosing to serve in the ministry.

8. Called to Become a Servant of God

Lastly, you will know you are experiencing signs God is calling you to ministry when you are willing to live your life as a servant of God. You are prepared to wholeheartedly serve in His cause with everything that you have, including your time, resources, experiences, and skills. You will not mind responding to God’s call to be His servant and become a servant-leader. You will be willing to put the church’s needs and the people before yours. You will also not mind wherever you are meant to serve and who you work with. You will be happy to serve in God’s way, and external factors will not cause you to deter in your cause. You will serve with passion and joy.


It is not difficult to find out the signs that God is calling you to preach. However, you must be willing to see and feel the signs with your mind’s eye. Many people get the realization early on in their lives; however, there is no age to serve in the ministry. It’s a good time whenever you feel ready and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to serve in God’s way without feeling burdened. Among other signs of pastoral calling, you’ll realize that you find joy and peace in serving God’s people, and you are willing to go over and above to help them. You will also realize that your experiences in life have shaped you to become a Pastor and preach for God. From an early age, you may have the gifts that allow you to serve in the ministry, and those have been polished over time. Serving in the ministry is a true calling and life purpose for those who have a love for God and His people. Ignoring the signs will keep you restless, and your thoughts will keep nagging you. It is better to listen to your heart if you know you want to serve in the ministry and work for a greater cause.

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